About us

When it comes to the cold, we know a thing or two about it. New York winters and polar winds have forged us a mind of steel as soon as summer leaves us. So as every year, we take out the big coats, the gloves and hats, the scarves and all the winter gear.

But concerning the pants, except putting tights, there is not much solution, and when December comes, the tights are not useful. And we were tired of the unstylish solution of layering pants, one on top of the other. So we tended to take it upon ourselves to neglect this part of our body and suffer in silence...

However, leaving your legs in the cold is not recommended, because the cold is a vasoconstrictor. This means that cold causes a narrowing of blood vessels and reduces tissue vascularization. This has the effect of reducing muscle tone. And in winter, if there is something we want to avoid, it is to lose our tone, to feel weaker and less active. That's why we needed a solution that was effective, stylish and comfortable.

So to find this idea, we then imagined the ultimate in comfort on a winter Sunday. This comfort is impossible without a fleece plaid and of course a very thick jogging suit.

So how to bring the comfort of a Sunday into everyday life? That's when we came up with the idea of Temapants. Elastic and very comfortable pants, lined with a layer of fur that keeps us warm even during the coldest weather.

Our stakes were then numerous, our pants must correspond to all morphologies, must be fashionable (we do not go to the office with the famous jogging of Sunday...).

That's why we collaborated with designers and especially with women, so that they could tell us what they think.The result is Temapants. Now you can judge for yourself.